The Genealogy of All Cannings

The Major, Minor and Visiting Families

As with all small towns or villages there are usually a core few that seem to be connected to every family. The Swanborough's were one of those families. Below are a few more and some of the families they are connected with. These names were extracted from parish and civic records in conjunction with the census records. So, even though they themselves may not have lived or were born in All Cannings, they or their descendants did.

A | B

Adlam, Akerman, Amber, Amor, Barnes, Beake, Benger, Bradfield, Brewer, Brown, Bryant, Bullock, Bunce, Burden, Burry or Berry,

C | D

Carpenter, Carr, Chamberlain, Chick, Chiffence, Chivers, Cleverly, Cook, Cooper, Cowdray or Codray or Cawdry, Cox, Cumi, Doust or Dowse, Dyke,

E | F | G

Ellis, Ferris, Fowle, Francis, Franklin, Gale, Garner, Giddings, Godden, Goodall, Goodman, Grant, Green, Griffin,

H | I | J | K | L

Hall, Hamlen, Hampshire, Hibberd, Hillier, Hiscock or Hiscox, Hobbs, Hopkins, Jones, Kite, Knight, Lane, Lee

M | N | O

Maish, Manners, March, Maslen, Massey, Masters, Matthews, Mead, Merrett, Mielle, Miles, Nash, Neale, Neate, Nicholas, Oram, Osaian,

P | Q | R

Page, Patrick, Pitt, Plank, Ponting, Popejoy, Pottinger, Prictor, Pynsen, Rabbets, Reeves, Roberts, Rose, Russ,


Sadler, Saunders, Shepherd, Shergold, Shipman or Sims, Shipp, Sloper, Smith, Stevens, Swatton,

T | U | V

Tarrant, Tasker, Tucker, Tilley, Vallis,

W | X | Y | Z

Waite, Ward, Wellman, Wells, White, Willis, Witchell, Woodroffe, Yeates,